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$50 Can provide food for a family for a month.

$150 Can help towards temporary operating theatres, medical equipment, doctors, nurses and blood banks

$250 Can provide an emergency shelter to keep 5 people safe.


Ramadan 2021

Uplift Communities Out of Poverty

This Ramadan on your behalf, we’re delivering your food aid in some of the poorest regions around the globe.

Key Projects

  • Our team of staff, volunteers and Maher Zain have been handing out your generous donations to Syrian and Palestinian refugees living in dire conditions.
  • Our community programs in Yemen feed over 200 people a day, receiving nutritious filling iftar, putting the biggest smiles on children and adults’ faces alike!
  • Organized a funday for Syrian refugee children. Although these activities may be taken for granted by many of us and our children in the UK and CA, for refugee children who have been stripped of normality, these activities mean so much to them!

  • Our team visited Palestinian refugees, providing food packs to them, lasting at least a month.
  • We’re supporting 1000s of people across Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana and Yemen by building and rehabilitating water sources, saving them from intense thirst.

How You Can Help

Millions around the world need our help, and Alhamdulilah our team of staff, volunteers and even Maher Zain have been distributing aid to those in need. As Little as $50 can provide food for a family for an entire month.

Donate today, and Uplift entire communities Out of poverty.

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