Maher Zain's Salam Village (Rohingya) Appeal

#SalamVillage Imagine having to flee violence and persecution in your home country then arriving in a strange land only to find there is no shelter for you and your family. Sadly, this is the reality for thousands of Rohingya refugees. The sheer volume of people arriving in Bangladesh means basic resources have been outstripped. There are simply no adequate shelters left. Families and children are sleeping out in the open, while 48,000 Rohingya babies are expected to be born in Bangladesh this year. There is no food, water, or medicine – and now mansoon is on the way - the torrential rain and flooding will be merciless. If we do not intervene, many precious lives may be lost. Led by Maher Zain, our Salam Village campaign will provide 5,000 Rohingya families with shelters, protecting then from the direct sunlight and rain. These protective, safe houses will be built in village communities with field clinics, kindergartens, schools, mosques, and even a vocational training centre for women. The Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “The believer’s shade on the day of resurrection will be charity.” Let’s make this dream a reality. Let’s get vulnerable Rohingya refugees out of the rain and into the shade this summer – before it’s too late. Donate Now:

Published on: 11th February 2019